Vulnerability and Risk Assessment for Landslide Hazard

Rock fall, rock slide, debris slide and rock creep can be damaging in urban environment. Building vulnerability map. Landslide hazard was prepared for the Guwahati city base on certain parameters, such as; building structure, age, number of floors and distance to landslide area. Weightages was assigned to different parameters/themes depending on the severity observed in the local conditions. The weightages of the themes have value from 1 (low) to 10 (high), based on the construction material. Building structure is assumed to be the most important parameter for the landslide hazard because building is hit by landslide will be easily buried (Plate 1). Thus maximum weightage 10 is assigned to the structure. Distance of buildings materials to the landslide is another important parameter and thus assigned to the weightage of 5. It is also to mention here that other factors were not taken into account, such as age of buildings, and number of floors.